NOFA-NY's Eat Local Challenge

NOFA-NY's Eat Local Challenge

Kate Legere
Sep 6, 2011

Hurricane Irene significantly damaged some of the local farms here in NY State. In an effort to help the farmers, Greenmarket has partnered with NOFA-NY to help raise money by encouraging New Yorkers to eat locally for the month of September.

"The 250 Mile Diet Challenge is the cornerstone of the NY Locavore Challenge. This personal challenge asks individuals to commit to eat only locally and sustainably produced food during the month of September. Participants can choose to take a day, a week or a month-long 250 mile diet challenge as part of their Locavore Challenge, or as the full commitment."

How much of what you eat already is locally sourced? Do you think you can do this challenge for a month?

Read More: Eat Local Challenge at NOFA-NY

(Image: NOFA-NY)

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