Family style dining doesn't have to be all family and no style. Just because your kids have temporarily hijacked adult dinnertime rituals like finished sentences, finished meals and finished dishes, doesn't mean that having kids has to mean eating in a dining room void of style. The families in these homes have terrific, vibrant, fun, stylish AND practical dining rooms.

Notice that most of these dining rooms don't reek of "child-friendly" design. But they do make some strategic concessions to family life:

• Bare floors (no rugs) under the table.
• Washable durable chairs.
• Many have dining tables that are not made of wood easily ruined by water or smashed peas.
• Splashes of color.
• A lack of clutter; no expensive centerpieces!

These dining rooms are from house tours and contests on Apartment Therapy so click through if you'd like to see more of these stylish homes.

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