Eclectic Collector: Lighting from Our Tours

There are so many gorgeous lights to choose from — it's no surprise that our favorite eclectic rooms often incorporate a few different options. From brass flowers to green porcelain, the only rule seems to be to buy what you like. 

  1. An oversized brass pendant light creates a focal paint in a cheery dining room with mismatched seating. From Susan's Adventure for the Senses House Tour
  2. A chandelier and two different table lamps add to the whimsy of Ruthie and Will's Eclectic Nashville Charmer
  3. A botanical brass chandelier plays off the neutrals in the room, while the table lamps add to the well-traveled vibe. From Heather and Dave's Eclectic Enclave
  4. A white glass pendant pairs with lucite chairs to add an unexpectedly modern touch to this dining room from Beatriz and Fernando's Eclectic Mix and Match House Tour
  5. A playful, welcoming dining area is unified with a glossy black ceiling fan. From Alex and Sarah's Traveler's Home House Tour.  

  6. A carefully curated dining room gets added texture from a pretty basket light. From Alex and Alina's Well-Traveled, Eclectic Home
  7. Preppy green table lamps and a brass chandelier are one of many unusual — yet successful — pairings in this colorful bedroom from Irene and Evan's Welcoming Whimsy.  
  8. A tasseled light is the perfect centerpiece for a bohemian, relaxed living room. From Faith's Magical Bohemian Treehouse.  
  9. A sleek wooden lamp pairs well with a striped wool blanket and Suzani headboard. From Kristin and Adam's Refined Bohemian Abode
  10. A sculptural table lamp adds height to cool sideboard arrangement from Marisa and Peter's Playfully Eclectic Home

(Images: As linked above)

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