Eco Friendly Pots from Ecosource

As we mentioned in 9 ways to use less water in the garden one way to use less water in a container garden is to use plastic pots. The plastic helps to keep the moisture in the soil, however plastic isn't the greatest thing for the environment. So we were really excited to see these Green Pots from Ecosource that are made from rice hulls and can eventually even be composted.

Green Pots are made from rice hulls, a natural by-product of renewable and sustainable crops, contain no harmful chemical or petroleum ingredients and can even be composted. Plus they have a plastic-y finish that will keep moisture in the soil instead of evaporating. We love all the colors and sizes that these come in and the subtle grainy look of each one. Read more on their website. You can buy them at Kelly Green in Silverlake or check out their whole list of retailers.