Eco, Sexy & Ventless: The Bosch Axxis Washer Dryer Series

Eco, Sexy & Ventless: The Bosch Axxis Washer Dryer Series

Maxwell Ryan
May 5, 2008

So, we were at our friend's apartment up in Harlem (they just moved in last summer) and they were proudly showing us around - showing us all the new things that made us downtown folks jealous, like too many closets, big windows and an extra room - when we stopped in our tracks. What's this in the closet? Hey, THIS is really cool....

"Hey,you've also got a washer/dryer, but it's in your closet. How can you do that?"

"Oh, you mean, where does it vent?"


"it doesn't vent. It condenses the water."

"It whats!?"

"It collects in a little drawer, and we empty it afterwards...."

The closet in the middle of the apartment where it lives.

The Little Water Drawer

Unlike the big Maytag Neptune units that I'd known in my past, this was a state of the art, svelte, powerful 24" Bosch number that was energy and water efficient and required no venting (it's called The Axxis). Which, aside from being more eco sensible than others, allowed one to stack it and put it in any room, regardless of its relation to the outside world. I thought this was a great new option and something that would be of value to many apartment AND home dwellers. I've collected a bunch of links on the matter. You can read all about it below. (Thanks as well to Mary and Joe!)


>> Axxis Washer at

>> Axxis Dryer at

>> Bosch Axxis Unveiled in Florida -

>> Low Price in Sugarland, Texas!


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