Eco TV from Philips

Eco TV from Philips

Jonathan B.
Mar 24, 2008

This just in: a greener LCD TV.

But wait... weren't LCD TVs supposed to be greener in the first place?

It looks like TVs might be more like cars than we thought...

A few years back, the Sierra Club PDF put some heat on Ford to improve the efficiency of their products by pointing out that the 1922 Model T averaged 25 miles to the gallon, while the average 2003 Ford got just 22.8 MPG.

Similarly, it seems we've applied the bulk of the savings afforded by LCD TVs and towards getting REALLY REALLY BIG TVs: a decade ago, a 27" TV was considered on the big side, and now it's one of the smaller ones you can buy.

We've got a 15" Magnavox LCD purchased on sale at Target. According to some quick calculations, it uses 40 watts. That's about half than the "impressive" 75 watts consumed by the $1399 42" Phillips Eco TV, which uses all manner of gadgetry to achieve the savings. Granted, it's less than half the size, but in our smallish living room, it's just right.

We're thinking a good green mantra might be this: size matters.

via CNet

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