LED Lamps Under $200: Economical & Eco-Friendly

LED Lamps Under $200: Economical & Eco-Friendly

Jeff Heaton
Feb 28, 2012

LED lamps are a just one more way to do your part to save the planet — stylishly. Sadly they rarely save the wallet, with many going for upwards of $400. And we doubt you'll see that made up in your electricity bill. We're sure someday in the bright future of tomorrow LED's will be lighting commonplace, but for now we're just glad we can get some for under two hundred bucks.

1. Tao Desk Lamp, Pendulum LED ($169.99)
The Tao Desk lamp is a fully adjustable track-lighting lamp that can handle up to three different lights. Rubberized handles on the lights make it easy to turn the lighting where you need it and the LED means you aren't going to burn your hand just by getting close. We like the sleek metal finish and adjustability, which is rare.

2. Z-Bar Gen 2 High Power LED Desk Lamp ($169.95)
The Z-Bar is a wispy thin LED lamp that comes in red, black and silver. It's also got a built-in dimmer, and goes for 40,000 hours at 70 percent brightness. We like that you can get different light settings (daylight or warm) depending on your preference, which is nice if you work with colors.

3. Ikea Stockholm Floor/Reading Lamp ($99.99)
Of course you can't throw a stone in the budget home goods world without hitting Ikea, and they've been producing LED lighting for a while. This larger floor lamp comes in black, white and silver with a strong focus. It's good for reading but doesn't light quite as well for larger tasks.

4. CB2 Crane Fog Desk Lamp ($79.95)
If you're looking for a task light with more character, the Crane Fog lamp might be for you. Just slightly gray and adjustable light the task light you're probably used to, the Fog is reminiscent of old school lighting (like the Pixar lamp) but with the 40,000-hour flare we're after.

5. Pixo Table Lamp ($190)
A little lamp that reminds us of a dentist's mirror, the Pixo is a simplified lamp that bends in surprising ways. A ring of LEDs provide the light and the base has a USB charging port for your devices. We like the simple assembly.

Or if you'd rather you could always build your own.

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