EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire

Dec 6, 2006

We admit it. We're a little fixated on heat and warmth these days. So we were intrigued when Marin Outdoor Living wrote to us to say that they're "really excited about the EcoSmart Fire that has no vent or flue, burns on renewable energy, and offers endless options to the design, builder, and architectural community."

The Australian EcoSmart Fire recently was chosen as one of the Best Products of the year by Interior Design.

The EcoSmart Fire is an environmentally friendly open fireplace. Because it uses denatured ethanol (a renewable green energy), there's nothing to clean or clear out after a fire. And it doesn't need a flue or a hard connection. The EcoSmart Fire isn't inexpensive, however: a Burner is approximately $2,400, Designer Ranges start at about $6,200, and Renovator Ranges start at $4,600.

AT:Chicago also wrote about the EcoSmart Fire here.

(Read more about Marin Outdoor Living here.)

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