Eddie Ross DIY's Halloween

By now we probably fall into the category of internet stalker when it comes to the stylings of Eddie Ross. We read the blog, follow the Twitter and are signed up for a floral class closer to the holidays. But we can't help but share his fabulous Halloween DIY designs that are budget friendly and quite chic. Details are this way...

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it truly embodies the true spirit of DIY. For us, it isn't about giant inflatable lawn ornaments, but more so about what we can make from stuff we have around the house. Creating costumes and spooky decor is something that's now mass marketed, but it hasn't always been. Eddie runs with that idea and has been busy prepping his home for Halloween with a few fabulous projects.

His Sinister Centerpiece and Sinfully Simple Batkin Rings became instant bookmarks in our "must-do" file!
The contrast between the skulls and the materials making up the candle stand are quite elegant while still being festive. The bats would make a great project to enlist your children with, it's simple nature is a great example that not everything crafty has to be super involved.

Make sure you check out the full tutorial and list of materials over at Eddie Ross.

Thanks Eddie!

(Images: Eddie Ross)

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