Edge Modern

Edge Modern

Mar 5, 2004

Edge Modern has officially been phased out and transformed into Design Public during August, 2005. MGR

San Francisco mafia families caught in shootout. I just heard about Edge Modern from Charlotte when I walked into the office this morning. I took a look, and what a great modern resource! "At EDGE*MODERN we remix modern design -- no berets, no attitude -- only solid, functional pieces you can truly afford. It's simple: affordable modern furniture design online." Based in San Francisco right next to Pac Bell park, they are carrying on the local tradition of championing the modern lifestyle and exposing great designers. Not quite as glitzy as DWR, and with not as big a stock, Edge nevertheless carries some terrific ideas and products at excellent prices. Great desks and chairs with most items under $1000, it puts Edge in the great for student category.


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