Edible Crayon Inspiration

Although these crayons aren't the best at coloring, they still get the job done and are 100% edible. They're made from fabulous foods that are packed with color and even though they're not for sale, that doesn't mean you couldn't try your hand at making your own!

These edible crayons are made by the mastermind over at Luxirare. Most of the ingredients used are freeze dried and then ground to get their bright colors and unusual texture. Make sure to hop over and take a look at the amazing photographic work that went into these creations.

Though freeze drying is probably out of the question, for just just about everyone, how about making some just for fun at the dinner table? Maybe your next birthday party, or even just for fun on a rainy/snowy day inside?

A binder like honey would hold many ingredients together, all you'd need is a mold. What foods do you think would work well to keep your children entertained while eating? Let us know in the comments below!

(via: Serious Eats & Luxirare)
(Images: Luxirare)

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