Creative Reuse

Creative Reuse

Amber Byfield
Dec 28, 2008

12_28_08_creativereuse.jpgSince we focus a lot on the second R (reuse) here at Re-Nest, it makes sense that this year we did something a little different. It all started when Trent posted about reusing spaghetti jars. The phenomenon took off, and before long we decided to ask readers for their best creative reuse ideas. We saw canning jars used as photo frames, makeshift dog feeders, even old wool sweaters put to a very bright and beautiful new use.

Jump below for my picks for the best creative reuse posts of 2008...

Posts pictured above are in bold:

10 Simple Uses for Spaghetti Jars

Creative Reuse 2008: Sweater Arm as Vase

Creative Reuse 2008: Canning Jars as Photo Frames

Creative Reuse 2008: Picture Frame as Raised Dog Feeder

How To: Reuse Tin Cans as a Container Garden

Creative Reuse: New Lives for Plastic Bottles

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