Eight Stylish Homes...With Kids

House Tour Roundup

As a parent, we know it is a fallacy that having some semblance of a stylish home has to end just because you add a child into the mix. Granted the early years (where plastic THINGS just seem to multiply on their own in your home) are a bit challenging, especially in a smaller space (like we live in) but we never gave up...

... and in fact, unless you catch us in the middle of a busy afternoon of wild rumpus-ing, the living room always looks pretty much the way it did pre-kid.

So, we while we don't want to feed the fire of "kids = style sacrifice" by even suggesting that family homes have to be dowdy, we think it is interesting to get a glimpse into homes where children reside, especially those that make it look so easy...like these eight:

Top Row, left to right:
1. Zoka's East Village "Open" House
2.Sa's Family Home in the City
3. Jacob & Laurie Do It Themselves in West Ridge
4.Siena, Charles & Cale's Radio City Townhouse
5. Heidi & Kirk's Brady Bunch "Grandma" House

Bottom Row, left to right:

6. Terisa, Colin, & Lauren's Family Home
7. Ronnie & Viktoria's Roscoe Remodel
8. Jim and Kari's Evanston Modern

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