Electric Faucet Looks Sleek, Saves Water

Electric Faucet Looks Sleek, Saves Water

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 21, 2008

Taryn starts off this week with some fancy automatic faucets.

Automatic electric faucets are nothing new. We can see them in any movie-theater or mall bathroom nationwide.

What is new: eco-friendly water conservation and gorgeous sleek lines.

The Spot electronic bathroom faucet from Sanindusa turns water flow on and off with only a light touch. The stream of water is designed to remain stable and accurate to conserve water—which also means it lowers water bills. But unlike the sink taps at the mall, this one cuts down on wasted resources by letting you stop the water flow when you're finished.

While we wish that they would replace the old water-guzzling faucets we see everywhere with these greener options, it would still make a great improvement to your private vanity.

[via gadgets|gizmo's*]


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