Getting Horny: Passive Non-Powered Speakers

Getting Horny: Passive Non-Powered Speakers

Joel Pirela
Sep 30, 2011

Looking for something a little different in the realm of home audio? Check out these "look ma, no power cord or battery" type of passive horn-shaped speakers. They'lll never match a powered set of speakers, but what they lose in audio quality they make up in retro style...

Analog Tele-Phonographer by Heartless Machine
Totally steampunk looks, these Analog Tele-Phonographer are made from recycled brass instruments. They amplify and direct the music coming straight from the iPhone or iPod's speaker. The beauty of no external power source.

Megaphone by EN&IS
This megaphone is made using a ceramic cone and solid wood base. It amplifies the vibrations generated by the source's own speaker and translating them into beautiful and warm tunes.

Mini Koo By Koostik
The Mini Koo is a beautifully crafted piece of wood with internal channels to project the tiny sounds emanated by your iPhone and convert them into warm audible tunes. You also have the option to connect the charger cable or not. Ideal as a bedside dock or even your office desk. Available in Walnut or Cherry wood.

PHI III By Science + Sons
The phonofone III is a passive amplifier crafted from ceramic and created with the iPhone in mind. It amplifies the volume emitted from your iPhone at least 4 times. This piece not only does the job but also looks the part.

Some other cable free options are:

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