If this was the only washing machine in your place, you wouldn't be able to tackle weekend mega-loads or the occasional cleaning of the comforter. But for those small-but-urgent loads (like the time you spilled spaghetti sauce while cooking dinner) that you really, really don't want to take to the laundromat, this super-small concept washing machine from Electrolux is perfect.

The Shine washing machine, from the brains at the Electrolux Design Lab, is designed to work for small-space dwellers, offering two different models to fit your space.

One version of the washer is an integrated bathroom or kitchen solution that's designed to be placed below a sink and flush with the lower cabinets. The other design? Well we never thought we'd ever type these words, but here it goes: The other model is a wall-mounted washing machine. It can easily be integrated into eye-level bathroom cabinets.

In addition to space-saving form, the Shine washing machine also gives us tons of function—even if it cant do tons of laundry. A light ring around the door—so obviously inspired by second-generation iPods—lights up in clockwise phases, telling you exactly where it is in the cycle.

Via DVice