If you need open storage, it may as well be pretty and versatile — a feat easily accomplished by wire baskets. There are endless ways to display them: hung from branches, tacked to the wall, set on cupboards, and tucked beneath armoires, to name a few.

  1. The couple behind Kinfolk Magazine create graceful storage by suspending French baskets from a branch. Via Woodnote Photography.
  2. A wire basket full of tumbleweed makes for a gorgeous centerpiece in House Beautiful.
  3. Designer Kate Jackson cleverly hangs a row of baskets as shelves in a kid's room.
  4. The always resourceful Ez Pudewa displays her pretty wrapping paper collection in a basket on the floor.
  5. Blogger Gemma Bird cleverly perches her daughter's dolls in a trio of baskets. Via Modern Kiddo.
  6. Baskets above and below a vintage cupboard create a nice vignette in a photograph by Lisa Cohen.
  7. A shabby chic storage option for hand towels froim Faded Charm.
  8. A basket hung from a ladder rung is perfect for a store display, but would also work nicely at home. Image from Hvitur Lakkris.

(Images: 1. Woodnote Photography 2. Victoria Pearson for House Beautiful 3. Nat Rea Photography for Kate Jackson Designs 4. Ez Pudewa for Creature Comforts 5. Gemma Bird for Modern Kiddo 6. Lisa Cohen Photography for Donna Hay Magazine 7. Faded Charm 8. Hvitur Lakkris)