Elisabeth's Cure: Mudroom Mayhem

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

Never did I think the word "mudroom" would be uttered in reference to my own home. A long time apartment veteran, I was used to putting my hat, coat, and shoes on a table, chair, and under the bed, respectively. That all changed when we found our house.

A house comes with many challenges. Not least of which is: when you have more space, you collect more stuff. This embarrassment of a room is our laundry/office/entryway. It's gotten bad. Very bad.

I set up the space last year with a coat rack, stole a bench from the dining table, and added accessory storage. We each have our own basket to stow our shoes. Despite before photos, it's worked mostly to keep the mess contained, but the Cure really helped me to take stock, put away coats that don't see a lot of use, and jettison outgrown shoes to the outbox.

Feeling refreshed.


(Image credits: Elisabeth Wilborn)