Elisabeth's Cure: What's Behind Door Numbers 1 & 2?

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

I readily admit, this weekend's assignment was not necessary one that I relished. But I sent the kids outside on our first beautiful Saturday in ages, and rallied around that kitchen. I was thorough, I was ruthless, and now it feels so good.

My new handy dandy green cleaners in tow, I set to work. Turns out, we were harboring a small army of paper, plastic, and reusable bags. I'm thinking about asking the school if they want them, but am open to suggestions!

I found my bliss cleaning out these pantries, though. Turns out, we had room enough to move the coffee machine into the other pantry and the juice machine off the island.

The afters:

While at the market this week, I also learned about a new flower. It's called the Banskia, a tropical flower that grows wild in Australia. Me, craving the Southern hemisphere mid-January? Can't imagine why.

Our kitchen is extremely open concept, so we don't really have traditional cabinets to speak of. Everything either gets stored away in the pantries, in drawers under the island, or on open shelving in an old pine hutch (which we covered with milk paint). My mother has been egging me on for ages to only put dishes on this hutch. This Cure finally spurred me on.

It was housing random light bulbs, Goo Gone, toys, and Christmas cards. Before:


Our kitchen is now a much happier place to work! I admit, we didn't get a meal photographed (we actually treated ourselves to Japanese last night), but much cooking will happen this week. Baby steps. The clean pantries are a gift to myself that will last a long time, I hope.

How did your kitchen cleanup go?


(Image credits: Elisabeth Wilborn)