eLite: The Easy Energy Monitor That Will Save You Money

eLite: The Easy Energy Monitor That Will Save You Money

Range Govindan
Mar 26, 2009

Times are tough, pretty much everywhere. The recession is hitting most businesses hard. That means that energy monitors that will save you money are getting that much more interesting. Why waste money when you could save it instead? These kinds of things are great ideas. They diminish the amount of money that you are spending right now, with immediate effect. Except the fridge and a few other essential items, most of your things should be offline when you leave the house.

The Efergy eLite is easy to connect to your power meter and it will give you wireless readings thanks to its handheld unit up to 200 feet away. It will show you how much energy you're using and how much money you are spending. That is pretty good. It works the same way as other energy monitors, only it has a flaw. There is no way to export the data to your PC for analysis and visualization. That sucks, but since this monitor only costs about $65, we can live with it. It works exactly the same way as the Black & Decker Energy Monitor we told you about a few months ago. Since that one is about $35 more, you're already saving money when you get this one instead.

This monitor is currently only available in the UK, but we are hoping that it will be available here soon. These types of monitors work like an energy audit solution. They let you check your current consumption and make you think of way of cutting down those expenses. We gather that it will have the same functions as the Black & Decker, enabling you to isolate which appliances are using the most power in your household, so that you can make adjustments accordingly. You can save up to 20% on your energy bill by using a monitor like this. This alone makes them worthwhile. [via DVice]

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