Elizabeth's Cure: My Kitchen is Expiration Nation

Elizabeth's Cure: My Kitchen is Expiration Nation

Elizabeth Giorgi
Jan 22, 2014
(Image credit: Elizabeth Giorgi)

Even though I got a late start on my January Cure, my timing could not have been more perfect. I finally got myself started on a weekend, which meant my biggest foe was ahead: cleaning out my kitchen cupboards.

Here's the part of my list from my January Cure I had intended to tackle :


  • Reduce number of place settings to 16 of one matching set
  • Donate all unused tabletop decor
  • Throw out damaged silverware
  • Fix broken Keurig filters
  • Toss expired K-cups

The funny thing about kitchens is they are repositories for "necessities" which always seem needed until there's no room for actual necessities, like food. I got my list above covered, but I also ended up tackling:

  • Threw out all expired food
  • Emptied out cleaning cupboard and gave away unused cleaning products
  • Washed and put away dish rags
  • Donated all unused mugs and cups

With considerably more drawer and cabinet space and about 50 fewer canned goods, my kitchen feels lighter and more manageable already.


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