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Brooklyn, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
My vintage Asian wall pieces led me to choose the deep turquoise color on the wall. I knew the deep hue would be a beautiful backdrop to highlight the warm red, black and green tones in the artwork. Also, the rest of my apartment is very white and filled with light, so I knew I could go dark and bold. Plus, I love strong color and couldn't just have a light white apartment... maybe one day?
Colors used in my room:
Deep turquoise, grey, red, copper, gold, green, warm wood tones, and white.
Tips for using color successfully:
Go with what you love! When starting a room- whether it's a bathroom, kitchen, or living room- I start with one thing I love and then build on that one thing. It could be tile, artwork, or a vase. It's best to first build upon that favorite item with other fabrics, textiles, and furniture. Wall color is usually the last thing I bring in, because there are so many color choices.
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