Before & After: Elizabeth's Innovative Reupholstery Project

Elizabeth rescued this chair from the dumpster at the Marriot Hotel and decided to try her hand at reupholstery. Intending to ditch the stained and dated fabric for something more modern, she began her search for the right textile. With $30 and a clever workaround, she was able to turn someone else's trash into a beautiful piece of furniture for her home.

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After realizing that her fabric of choice was going to cost somewhere around $200 a yard, she abandoned the print to search for alternate solutions. While checking out the IKEA textiles, she stumbled upon the Kajsa Curtains, which embody the simple modern look she was looking for, at a great price. Instead of being confined by typical solutions for upholstery fabric, she was able to use a little creativity to refresh a forgotten chair. The result looks great!

Images: Elizabeth Cox

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