Elizabeth's January Cure: My Fifth Week

Elizabeth's January Cure: My Fifth Week

Elizabeth Licata
Feb 8, 2013

It's over? That's impossible. Wasn't Christmas yesterday? I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around it being Tuesday already, let alone 2013. But January and the Cure flew by much faster than I anticipated. It seems like just yesterday I was afraid to go in the cabinet under the sink because of the spider that lived there, but then I realized I've been under that sink three times today and thought nothing of it. Huh. I guess I really did accomplish something here.

Day 19: Catch up & take a photo.
My main goal for this Cure was to get my shelves arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but just getting them loaded up again after I pulled all the books down was a job in itself. (My husband came in to discover the floor was a sea of books, and I could tell from the look on his face that he thought it was going to take another four months before I put them all back on the shelves again.)

Some parts of arranging the shelves were easy. When it came to choosing which books were going to face out, for example, I just picked any books that were too wide to fit on the shelves the normal way. I think I need a better range of accessories, though. I love my robots, but they would look better nestled in around some small pictures or vintage objects.

And I'm not sure what's going on with the doll clothes in the picture frames. It was just one of those weird moments where I was holding doll clothes and thinking, "Where did these come from and where do I store them?" while looking at the empty picture frames and thinking, "That empty frame is freaking me out. Something needs to go in there."

But the bookshelves look way better than they did before, and the remaining gaps mean I have a good excuse to go buy all the terrariums, vintage typewriters, and antique sewing machines I want.

Day 21: Speedy Spruce Up & Surface Clean.
I got to the assignment for Day 21 and said, "Wait, didn't I do that already?" I looked around and there were no dust bunnies in my corners or spiders on my ceiling. Is this what being a grown-up feels like?

Day 22: Shop for Get Together Goodies.
We're all set for alcohol, music, and board games. One doesn't need a lot of things for this kind of get-together. We made cocktails, set up Settlers of Catan, and hunkered down for a game or 20. After all this Cure work I was feeling more magnanimous than usual and let someone else play the red pieces for once.

Originally I'd planned on an overnight sewing party, in which case I'd have had to go to the store for even more alcohol and a jumbo-sized box of Band-Aids. (Sewing and drinking don't really mix, but we'll never stop trying to make them.)

Day 23: Pat Yourself on the Back, Relax, and Celebrate.
Hey, look! Finally there is a step I am good at. I think I'll be revisiting this step for the rest of the week.

How did your Cure go? What's next on your plate at home?

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(Images: Elizabeth Licata)

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