Look! Vintage Board Game Display

Look! Vintage Board Game Display

Carrie McBride
Feb 8, 2008

Reader Erin shared this project in her son Elliot's room with us and we're not sure which is cooler - the vintage board games or they way they're displayed. She's solved two problems at once: how to decorate a large wall and how to show off items you're collecting.

We can't help but wonder if these board games are just better designed than modern ones or if we'll someday feel sentimental about a Scattergories board. Erin found most of these at flea markets or on Ebay. They're the kind of thing we've run across at garage sales in tattered boxes with most of the pieces missing, yet we didn't see the same potential Erin has.

You can find Erin at her blog, Buddy Rooster, and see close-ups of more of these board games here. Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!

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