Elton John's Sparkly iPod Nanos

Elton John's Sparkly iPod Nanos

Range Govindan
Feb 2, 2009

Everyone has got an iPod. You mom, your grandma and your little sister most probably. The thing is that they all look alike. There has been a trend of trying to make your iPod looks unique and distinctive amongst us, to go beyond form and function. That's why I thought that these new Stardust iPod Nanos will work, although I don't know about the fact that they are a limited edition.

These iPod Nanos are a sparkly limited-edition created by Goldgenie for the Elton John brand. They are eponymous with his flamboyant style. Each Starburst iPod Nano is encrusted with 250 laser-embedded and color-coordinated Swarovski crystals. His signature is also etched in the back of the case.

These new limited-editions are available in either black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and silver. Apparently, only 100 of each are being produced, so you better pounce on them while they are available. Each iPod comes with a best of compilation of Elton John's biggest hits. They are going to be quite expensive. You'll have to shell out $642 for the 16GB model and $570 for the 8GB model, but at least 12.5% of the purchase price goes towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation. These iPods are a great idea for those who are willing to pay extra money for customization. We think that these will please a lot of people. [via Technabob]

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