Em Tanner Personalized Plates

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Personalized gifts are always in style, especially when they're as sweet as these melamine plates. They're a favorite of John and Kate Plus 8 (or whatever they're called these days), check out a video and details after the jump.

Each melamine plate will run you around $24, though you can purchase a few of 4 or 8 at a slightly reduced price. Although we don't think each child in your home needs more than 1 or two of these, we like the idea of having these around for a fun night at home.

You can see them in action over at Youtube, where John and Kate put them to use determining which plate of food went to which child as they all have different eating habits. Em Tanner also offers bowls, lunchboxes, tv trays and more, make sure to check out her other items if you're not super into eating off melamine directly.

(Images: Em Tanner)

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