This month on Apartment Therapy we're all about incorporating color, but adding texture is equally important. Whether you're feeling neutrals or brights, adding depth through the use of contrasting textures goes a long way.

Cooler temperatures mean more blankets, more cuddling and… possibly … the addition of some shaggy accessories. Check out these interiors for inspiring ways to make your space more dynamic, inviting and comfortable.

A furry rug can be used for a variety of different effects. Place a sheepskin on your couch to soften up the seat or fluff up your work chair with a draped fuzzy throw. Layering multiple rugs on your couch or the floor will give your space that ultra comfy, elegant, Scandinavian vibe. Think about materiality as you layer on the textures. A smooth leather chair pairs well with a contrasting soft fur. Similarly, the organic quality of a highly textured accessory or fabric looks lovely next to a crisp graphic print.

(Images: 1. Stil Inspiration, 2. Design Sponge, 3. Horchow, 4. Design Sponge, 5. The Glitter Guide, 6. Ryan Korban via Elements of Style 7. Emmas Design Blogg)