Finding a Balance Between What's Hidden & Revealed in Your Home

Finding a Balance Between What's Hidden & Revealed in Your Home

One theme that has been the subject of much discussion in the past couple of days is an issue most of us have been faced with at some point: what to do with the things that take up space in your home but you can not part with. Whether your thing is music or books, some among us prefer to hold on to our collections while others are content to be rid of the excess, or else find a way to disguise it or keep it hidden away.

Because a home's design is an ongoing process, I am always on the look out for inspiration. This space created by Japanese design firm Keiji Ashizawa Design caught my eye because is a nice balance of the two design philosophies. A good number of the books and albums are not hidden, but displayed in a well organized fashion making sure to keep the rest of the space as neat as possible while the rest is kept behind closed cabinet doors.

Storage is an issue for so many of us but no one solution is universal. Which solution do you favor? Do you keep your collections visible or tucked away out of view?

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(Images: 1. Love Nordic Design, 2. The Selby, 3. & 4. Keiji Design)

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