Emergency Disaster Home Kit

Emergency Disaster Home Kit

Gregory Han
Feb 16, 2007

Living in Los Angeles means living with earthquakes. And it's sure been awhile since we had an earthquake of notable magnitude [knocking on wood]. ATLA has already mentioned some precautionary financial preparation, via earthquake insurance. But how about preparing for basic necessities in case of an emergency disaster?

An emergency disaster kit should be mandatory in any home. And the best time to prepare one is in advance, meaning, now. So what should be included in an emergency disaster kit? Here's a short list of "must haves":

  • Food (high calorie meal replacement bars are a good choice) and water for one week

  • Personal hygiene items

  • First Aid Kit

  • Utensils and utility knife

  • Sleeping bag and extra blankets

  • Flashlight and Portable Radio with extra batteries

  • Poncho

  • Extra cash

  • Sleeping bag and extra blankets

  • Solar or windup cell phone battery charger

  • Duct tape and plastic tarp

Or if you want a one stop, presorted solution, you can always order from a variety of home disaster kit retailers. In either case, it's money and time well spent.

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