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On Sunday night the lights flickered during our bedtime routine, and wind and rain raged outside as I spent a solid twenty minutes unsuccessfully searching for a favorite bedtime book. With my kids finally asleep, I watched the latest dispatches from the Midwest and Plains states devastated by the weekend's vicious storm system, making a mental note to put together an emergency kit. Beyond just the basics, what could make a storm less scary for the family?

The Apartment Therapy team has shared tips for stocking emergency kits here and here. These are a few additions that might help kids to pass the time, and take the edge off of a weird and unknown situation.

• Books – Stash duplicate copies of beloved titles along with the requisite flashlights and blankets.

• Music & Media – Get a few of the kids' favorite albums onto a smart phone or iPod, and keep some movies or shows loaded on a tablet or laptop.

• Games & Toys – Choose age-appropriate items that will keep kids entertained. Think blocks, memory games and play dough for younger children, Banangrams and Apples To Apples for big kids.

• Classics – Bubbles, Silly Putty, Slinky and a travel-sized Etch A Sketch or Magna Doodle are all great ways to keep kids occupied and add minimal bulk to an emergency kit.

What other non-essentials will you add to your family's emergency kit?

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