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Bronx, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
We purchased our apartment as a "handyman special" and decided to create a vintage parlor out of the living room. The concept began when we laid eyes on our first hooded chair in Elle Decor. We bought two chairs at a New Jersey auction for a fraction of the price as compared to an antiques boutique. We worked around their color scheme. With less than $1000 we took a trip to Home Depot to purchase the wood for the coffered ceilings. My husband watched some Youtube videos and jumped right in! We bought the bronze insert tiles at Amazon (which are replaceable). The antique green tiles seen in the foyer (at the entrance of the Parlor) were purchased on eBay for less than $1 a piece. The tiles were inspired by the Debenham House (Peacock House) in Holland Park, England. The tile work in that house is ridiculously gorgeous! We finished the look with black Chinoiserie bowls from Orientalfurnishings.com. We drilled holes in them and potted Cat Palms inside fishbowls!
Colors used in my room:
Mahogany, red, black, and variations of burlap.
Tips for using color successfully:
People usually shy away from dark hues for fear of enclosing spaces. I feel dark colors add luxury and intimacy to any quaint space.
Bronx Prohibition