Emiliano's Well-Traveled Nursery

My Room

Name: Emiliano (4 months)
Location: Beijing, China

We just welcomed our little Emiliano last July and moved to this two bedroom apartment only four weeks before his birth. Decorating with a huge belly, the stress of the move and birth was not easy.

We live in a rental apartment in Beijing. The landlords do not allow having the walls painted or making any holes on the walls, so we had to find a way to use the existing ones and stick with the white on the wall as well. Also there are some items in the room that we cannot get rid of, such as the very old AC in the room!

Our favorite piece is the custom-made Eiffel Tower. We saw a similar one in a vintage shop in Beijing and decided to have one made as shelves for toys and gifts from friends and family. The crib, changing table and sofa are all IKEA. The only Chinese touch is the vintage stroller that we use as a side table.

Thanks, Patricia!

(Images: Patricia R.)


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