Emory's Super Sharp Big Girl Room

Emory's Super Sharp Big Girl Room

Katie Steuernagle
Sep 27, 2011

Name: Emory (3)
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Room size: 12' x 13'

Like many interior designers, Danielle Oakey has made her own home a beautiful addition to her portfolio. So when it came time to give her daughter, Emory, a big girl room, she knew she wanted to go big on style. She started with Emory's love of animals and built from there. You can see the subtle touches of an animal theme sprinkled throughout the room, but nothing looks childish. It's young and whimsical with the bold black and white wall and fresh touches of bright aqua. And the gorgeous headboard? It's a DIY project made by Danielle. Read on...

What was your inspiration in designing this room? I wanted to create an inviting playful space that was unique. I tried to incorportate child friendly items and decor while keeping the overall design crisp and clean.

Your budget was tight, but you'd never know by the looks of this room. How did you do it? In order to keep the room in budget (just under $600 for everything including the furniture), I had to either DIY, search thrift stores or Craigslist, or find a fabulous sale.

Tell us about your DIY projects! Most of the items in the room were DIY projects. Some of my favorite projects were the $46 headboard, $13 animal silhouette plates, and the black and white stripes.

Do you have any thrifting tips? My number one thrifting tip is to be patient. Don't just buy the first thing that looks good, wait for the perfect item. You will always find it, just maybe not your first time looking.

The black and white wall was such a bold choice. Were you nervous about doing it? I was definitely nervous about painting the stripes, but I knew the room needed something bold. Taking risks can be scary but well worth it when they are successful.

What is Emory's favorite part of the room? Emory loves the animal silhouette plates. She has an obsession with animals and I selected a few of her favorites for the plates.

Source List:
Animal Silhouette Plates: Thrift Store and Hobby Lobby
Headboard: Fabric.com (fabric) Home Depot (plywood)
Lamps: Target (shades) Thrift Store (bases)
Bookcase: Craigslist
Mirrors: Thrift Store
Deer Heads: Michael's
Curtains: Fabric.com (fabric)
Globe: Thrift Store
Trunk: Craigslist
End Tables: Craigslist
Chair: Craigslist

Thank you, Danielle! We're sure that Emory is going to enjoy this room for a long time. Be sure to check out Danielle's website, Danielle Oakley Interiors for more interior inspiration, thrifty tips, and beautiful DIY projects.

(Images: Danielle Oakley)

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