Emoticon Shot Glasses, Perfect for Techie Parties

Emoticon Shot Glasses, Perfect for Techie Parties

Taryn Williford
Aug 10, 2009
So you're a big texter, huh? You've got the thumb motions down and you're hip to all the l8est txt slang and emoticons. If you're a big enough fan, you'll be rocking the Emoticon shower curtain—and now, these rad shot glasses, too... Next time you're hosting a get-together for all your techie friends (whether you've met before in real life nor not!), why not have a little fun with these emoticon shot glasses?

They'll encourage a little mingling at any party with phrases like "Kiss, Flirt, Interact" printed on each one and illustrated with emoticons. We love the "Play, Win, Interact" glass, with it's emoticon representation of a ping pong game!

They're $26 for the set of four here.

Now we've just got to find some nerdy shot recipes to pour. Anyone up for a Neon Geek?

Via NerdApproved

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