Employee Housing: Tell Your Tales

Employee Housing: Tell Your Tales

Tess Wilson
Jun 18, 2014
(Image credit: Sibylle Roessler via Sibyelle's Flea Market Style House Tour)

When I wrote about Moving Into A New House, Sight Unseen, many commenters in similar situations shared what awaited them when they arrived. Today I'd like to hear all about the places you've found yourselves living....

As I'm preparing to move into the house provided by my partner's employer, I have so many questions for those of you who have been through this: did you have a lease? Did you pay rent? Was it negotiable? Did you take care of repairs yourself or did the employer provide a super/handyman? Did you pay a security deposit? Did you get it all back or were you fined for damages/wear-and-tear? Did your employer paint/clean the place between each new resident? How much autonomy/privacy did you have? Did you have to give a certain amount of notice before moving out? Did your employer have to give notice before terminating your residency? What were the perks and what were the pitfalls?

While I've exclusively used "employer" above, I'd love to hear about all types of situations in which housing was provided (school, etc) — please tell all!

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