Enjoy the Cooler Weather: Build a Compact Outdoor Bar

Enjoy the Cooler Weather: Build a Compact Outdoor Bar

Sarah Dobbins
Sep 18, 2012

Summer's usually the season for entertaining outdoors, but for some, fall might be the optimal time to throw on a sweater and enjoy the cooler air out on the patio. For a clever setup that folds away when not in use, take a look at this smart, inexpensive hanging bar made from scrap wood and a few extra materials.

Sam Henderson from Today's Nest is an expert at reusing scrap wood, like that from discarded pallets. He recently made an outdoor cocktail table for his patio, and then came up with the idea of creating a clever hanging bar to complement his space.

Using plenty of scrap wood and a few extra supplies, he shows us step by step how to put it together. The best part? When the party's over — and during the long, cold winter — the bar can hang out as a simple wooden wall hanging, ready to pop back open and serve delicious drinks as soon as you are!

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(Images: Sam Henderson)

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