Enter: A Keyboard Key and Now a Doorbell

Enter: A Keyboard Key and Now a Doorbell

Taryn Williford
Sep 5, 2008

The doorbell is no longer a device to be ignored. Plenty of designers are creating gorgeous doorbells that make us want to take on a home improvement project to replace our little white dot. First there was the Modern Doorbell, the Bottoms Up Wine Glass Doorbell, and the (less aesthetic but really cool) iChime. Now, from the designer of the Piano Doorbell comes a concept for the tech-inspired Enter Doorbell.

Li Jianye creates a monument to technology in the form of a permanent-fixture keyboard key. It's pretty literal, as the key clearly states the request from the doorbell ringer and the expected command from the homeowner. If it weren't just a concept, is this something you'd put in your home?

[ via UberGizmo ]

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