The best thing about setting a monochromatic table is how easy it is! Any mix of textures and patterns will look unified as long as you stick to a one-color theme. It's a great opportunity to have fun with your favorite color (you probably already own enough of it to set a table) and make a bold statement at the same time.

1. Lacquer charger plate, West Elm, $19
2. Potter's Workshop Tableware, West Elm, $6
3. Wire Frame Spherical Paper Lantern, Pearl River, $1.75-$9.50
4. Tina Frey vases, DWR, $140
5. A bowl of apples makes a simple, easy centerpiece and fits the color theme. Via Shutterstock.
6. Forged Flatware, West Elm, $27 (for a set of five)
7. Ikat fabric from Etsy seller islimi, $49.89

(Images: As linked above)