Entertaining Elements: Setting an Elegant Yet Quirky Table in Black and White

When setting a casual table to entertain, keeping the color palette simple can create a more elegant look. If a modern and graphic black and white look is what you are going for, why not throw in a few quirky pieces among the elegant and simple items?1. Winter Solstice Penguin Dessert Plate, West Elm, $6.00 2. Dip-Dyed Baguette Board, Terrain, $128.00 3. Rondo Stoneware Dispenser, A+R Store, $10.00 4. Spot Coasters, Furbish, $18.00 5. Laduree Candle, La Maison Couture, $60.00 6. Plattan Tray, La Maison D'anna G, approx. $32.00 7. Whale Bottle Opener, Indigo, $4.75 8. Otto Black Matte Cutlery, Table Art, $122.00

(Images: as linked above)

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