(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Here's one more idea to add to our list of ways to deal with slushy shoes. This sturdy metal bin has ventilation holes and casters, two features that make it a good solution for winter shoe storage.

The casters make it easy to pull the bin out when you need your shoes and tuck it under a table or inside a closet when you don't. The worn steel finish will actually look good with some slush stains, and it's easy to clean.

Found at Napa Style, these antique storage bins are $119 to $169—not cheap, but the idea wouldn't be too hard to DIY with a metal tray and some locking casters. If you're looking for a less expensive solution, here are a few ideas:

• Check out the industrial metal baskets at McMaster-Carr, which start at $10.
• Industrial supply store C&H Distributors also has metal baskets starting at $50.
• The mesh rolling bin from Stacks and Stacks isn't as cool, but costs just $36.
• The Skrin galvanized steel bins from IKEA are $25 and might work.
• The catalog at Ted Thorsen Material Handling has lots of industrial bins.
• Check out the FS Industries catalog for more metal baskets and bins.