Enveloppe Sofa: Gives You A Hug

Last October I posted about the cozy Moody Nest: A Couch for All Moods
and now I bring to you somewhat of a sister couch in concept: 'the Enveloppe Sofa'...

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The Enveloppe Sofa designed by Inga Sempé comes to us from the Norweigian company LK Hjelle. Just like the name suggests the design of this semi-circled sofa is meant to envelop and cradle you. The two end side pillows even fold inward to give you a warm little 'hug'.

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Along with the 'moody nest' this is not a sit up proper kinda couch, it's more of a kick off your shoes, dive in and stay for a while style sofa. I love that it's big enough to stretch yourself out in for a nice relaxing nap or cuddle up with the fam or someone special.

More Info: LK Hjelle

Images: (LK Hjelle)

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