(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Flensted mobiles have been our favorites for some time, but we were even happier to discover that they're made in Denmark in a very unusual, low-carbon manner. As Flensted's distributor explains,

"Flensted Mobiles are produced in a very low carbon manner: Let me explain, instead of 75 workers every day drive into the factory and assemble mobiles, they work from their homes. Every 14 day we drive on 1 trip visiting all workers and exchange unassembled parts for mobiles packaged and ready to ship. We save 75 x 10 days of driving every 2 weeks or approximately 200 days a year for each employee. Let’s say each live 5 miles from work they get 20 miles to the gallon it will then come out to saving 7500 gallons of gas a year. We have been doing this for over 30 years."

Thanks to Kangarooboo for the insight into the production process. They've got 15 new mobiles! Our favorites: the Hedgehog Family, and the Seahorse Mobile.

Originally posted by Julia on Ohdeedoh.