Envirope: A Hammock Made from Recycled Soda Bottles

There's nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than stretching out in a hammock with a glass of lemonade and a good book. Nothing better, that is, than stretching out in a hammock that happens to be good for the environment. We've found some nice eco-friendly hammocks before, like this one made from recycled seatbelts or this Etsy find made from vintage fabric. The Envirope has the good looks of a classic white hammock, plus several sustainable features, including the fact that it's made from about 72 recycled soda bottles.

Envirope hammocks are made from 100% recycled polyester (mostly recycled soda bottles). The material resists mildew and sun damage, so it will last longer than a cotton hammock. The hammocks are made by hand in a cooperative community in Virginia. The wood's locally grown and processed at their worker-owned, high-efficiency mill. It's treated with natural linseed oil to give it durability and a little shine. The hammock is completely recycleable, and also easily repairable. Pretty cool. If we had a backyard, we'd get one...