Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Fanciest Homes in Turkey

Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Fanciest Homes in Turkey

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 16, 2011

During our two week vacation in Turkey last month we spent a few days visiting Ephesus. This ancient Greek city later became a major Roman city and the second largest city in the world, with a population of more than 250,000 in the 1st century BC. What was amazing about seeing it, however, was how much has been preserved over time, so that you get a remarkable sense for what city and home life was like. In particular, the Terrace Houses, ancient apartments, are being completely reassembled, allowing you to walk around inside these luxurious homes once inhabited by wealthy Ephesians. Come on in.

Entering The City

As you walk into the city, you can't miss the huge amphitheater. Built by the Greeks for theater, they were later enlarged by the Romans to hold "games."

Walking down main street!

We loved seeing this couple get their wedding photos taken in 90 degree heat.

Greek and Roman everywhere....

I just loved this shot outside the Terrace Houses

The Terrace Houses