EQ3 Store Update

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A few months ago a number of readers were looking for the purportedly new EQ3 store on the Upper West Side. At first it was there and then it wasn't, turning into Straight From The Crate. Here is the thread:

EQ3 didn't necessarily close. The man who owned Straight from the Crate turned it into an EQ3 store (EQ3 is a franchise) but the franchise was taken away from him because he wasn't properly representing the brand. Jake

This is Marc, the owner of Straight from the Crate. Due to operational differerences, I converted the EQ3 store on West 96th Street to another Straight from the Crate. We have the exclusive rights to sell the EQ3 product in all of the Straight from the Crate stores... Marc

Marc seems right in this instance, as EQ3 lists Straight From The Crate on their website as their distributor. MGR

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