Erin's Charming Former Sea Captain's Coastal Colonial Home

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Name: Erin Buterick
Location: Tuckerton, NJ

My husband Paul and I live in a 1910 colonial situated in the historic fishing village of Tuckerton, New Jersey. When we bought it, we were aware of the fact that it was originally built by the local sea captain, not until a little while later did we learn that the sea captain was in fact a woman. Her name was Virgina and she went by 'Captain Ginny.' All of the history of our town is drawn back to its humble beginnings as a bustling fishing village, being that we are a Southern New Jersey coastal town.

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Our house is 1800 sq feet over three floors of living space. The floors were covered with wall to wall carpet when we bought it and the first thing I did (even before our closing date......shhh) was rip it up and uncover the original hardwood. The majority of my furniture was found on the curb or in a thrift shop, some of which I reupholstered with found fabric and belongs to no one specific era. I do love mid-century modern furniture, but I do have a fondness for antique tables and cabinets.I basically just put everything I like all together, and hope it works.

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The pictures I enclosed are some of my favorite spots in the house: a reading nook by our collections, my wall of 1920s tattooed ladies, the bathroom, the guest bed, and our hallway of books. I always dreamed of a house with an open floor plan, mid-century flair, and floor to ceiling windows, but I couldn't help loving the cozy rooms, original glass-paned windows, glass door handles and original built-in bookshelves. I even found an antique machete in the basement, which Paul and I like to say Captain Ginny used to slay pirates.

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My favorite way to decorate is by utilizing neutrals as the base color for walls/floors and adding color through textiles or pops here and there. I'm always drawn to folk art and the vibrant color combinations it can bring to a room. Whenever possible, I try and keep wood unpainted, even unstained if I can. I can never have enough house plants. And if at all possible, I forgo curtains or blinds, just so the beauty of the old windows is highlighted.

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We've done as much as we can to restore the original aspects of the home, I'm sure Captain Ginny would approve.

Thanks, Erin Buterick!

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(Image credits: Erin Buterick)

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