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Las Vegas, NV
Inspiration for my palette:
My inspiration for my bedroom was the duvet I found at Target. I found the floral chair at a second hand store the same week. It was a match made in heaven. From there, I decided that grey would be the best way to go, color wise, for the walls. Almost everything else in the room I already owned. I was just trying to find a color to tie everything together. Grey seemed to be the best way to go.
Colors used in my room:
My room is painted a graveyard grey on two walls. The opposing walls are a lighter shade of grey. They no longer carry either shade at Home Depot. :(

I didn't want my room to be too dark, hence two different shades of grey. I did want it to be cozy and calm. My window faces East, so It can get very bright, very early. Painting a darker color gave the space a more serene feel.
Tips for using color successfully:
Make sure that you bring home every color in the color family that you are interested in using on your walls. When I went to get paint for my room, I brought my girls. I picked out a bunch of possible samples. My girls brought home a ton more. I compared colors in different lightening and at different times of the day. Then, I happened to find a booklet my oldest daughter picked out. There I found my two colors. I was so glad because I liked the color samples in this book more then any of the ones I picked out. I also think that if you are not sure about a color, wait! Ask another persons opinion, but go with your gut and trust yourself. Pick colors that you like and make you feel good. It took me a week to pick the color for my bathroom, but only 2 days to choose the color of my bedroom because my kids brought home every color sample.
Gloomy Resilience