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Columbus, OH
Inspiration for my palette:
This is the first room you see after walking through our front door. We wanted to create a bright, child-like sense of happiness, and to make it a real joy to be home together as a family. Most of our furniture has been rehabbed by us. Whether dyeing our couch slipcover by hand (to cover child-made stains), replacing a glass top on our coffee table with a vintage cupboard door, painting and adding new hardware to a buffet-turned-television stand (from Habitat's Restore) or hauling home and breathing new life into a cast-off hutch, we have made this room very "us."
Colors used in my room:
Pale blue, aqua, chocolate brown, sunny orange, and lime.
Tips for using color successfully:
Don't be overwhelmed by color; It adds so much life and personality to a room. Also, don't be afraid to mix colors and patterns. They can work together cohesively, if done correctly.
Happy to be Home
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