atla-082708-caring.jpgIt's great to escape. Until you get home and realize that all your plants, so lovingly tended for, have drooped and, even, withered away while you were off frolicking and having fun. Here are some products and tips we've blogged that will make sure your plants are perky and bright when you return...

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Plant Nanny
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Expaning Water Crytals for the Garden. Seriously
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Karim Rashid's Grobal Self Watering Planter
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Gardener's Supply Wet Pot Flower Pot

You can also:

  • Water your plants well and then cover them with a plastic bag, creating a mini-greenhouse.
  • Corral all your plants in your bathtub & fill the tub with an inch of water. Especially if they're in clay pots, they'll suck up the water while you're gone.
  • Water your plants well, and cover the soil with wet newspaper. This will keep the soil moist (but it only works if you're going away for a few days.
  • Give your key to a neighbor and hope they don't go off on an escape of their own.

Do you have any tricks for keeping your plants alive while you're gone?

[image: Garry Knight